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Fuego Digital Media QSTP LLC is Qatar’s premier solutions provider for Internet application development.

Leveraging its knowledge of the traditional Internet space, Fuego applies its proven forward-thinking strategy to produce enterprise solutions for clients that are flexible, dynamic and relevant to the Qatar region.

Incorporated in 2008, Fuego Digital Media QSTP LLC has worked tirelessly to solidify its reputation for providing innovative solutions to today’s challenges in the web and mobile Internet sphere. As a result, Fuego has become a reliable web partner for a multitude of clients in Qatar, ranging from banking to education, and social services to healthcare. In 2010, Fuego was proudly appointed Qatar Foundation’s strategic web partner to help drive their global online initiatives.

In 2011, Fuego introduced social media services to the Qatar region. In developing proprietary technologies and using unique approaches to social media, Fuego has helped its client base reach newer audiences by leveraging existing online methods of communication. Fuego also provides enterprise-class mobile development services, helping to ensure its clients have the broadest audience possible regardless of medium.

Fuego Digital Media QSTP LLC shares with QSTP a passion for innovation, research and development centered in the Arabian Gulf, but projected on the global stage. By adapting to the local market, as well as the regional business and technology culture, Fuego is working diligently to bolster Qatar’s future top-tier knowledge economy.

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