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Fuego's Research Program at QSTP

Fuego Digital Media was QSTP’s first recipient of a Proof of Concept Fund grant to adapt core software technology from Fuego’s sister company in Canada to the requirements of MENA users. Key innovations focused on an Arabic graphical user interface, support for a wide range of mobile devices, and transformation to a ‘software as a service’ delivery model.

Fuego’s applied research program is focused on improving the performance, scalability, reliability, security and cost effectiveness of the Fuego software platform across three thematic areas:

  • Improving support for all aspects of the Arabic language in Web applications including natural language and search;
  • Providing better tools that allow users or developers with limited technical skills to rapidly build high performance Internet-based applications supporting Arabic and other languages;
  • Enabling the same rapid application development tools to target mobile and wireless devices.
    Fuego’s business partners include Carnegie Mellon University (computer science and business internships) and MEEZA (data centre hosting).

As Fuego deepened its expertise in content management, it transformed the CMS platform into the core of a Digital Publishing Platform (DPP) with advanced authoring, digital publishing, and mobile integration. This extends web content to mobile devices, mobile apps, digital displays and printed matter such as magazines and journals.

Fuego's proprietary DPP is now one of the world’s most effective tools for creating seamless multilingual web, mobile and other digital platforms. Both the front-end and back-end have a complete Arabic interface. Due to our advanced development approach, the DPP is highly adaptable as new web standards, devices, rules and tools appear on the market.

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