Fuego serves clients in both the Enterprise Solutions and Platform Solutions market segments.

Enterprise Solutions

Tailored for individual larger clients, Fuego builds custom high-end eBusiness systems.

Platform Solutions

For large markets, Fuego builds online portals providing flexible and customizable applications for clients to access as hosted services over the Internet. Within its Platform Solutions business, Fuego is building the Fuego OnDemand Service to deliver modern, Internet-based software applications to the 5.3 million small- and medium-size enterprises in the Qatar, GCC and MENA markets.

Fuego's Technology

The engine of Fuego’s business is its proprietary software platform comprising the Fuego Frameworks System and Fuego Content Management System.

The Fuego Frameworks System is a tool through which a range of reusable software components can be assembled using templates and rules.

The Fuego Content Management Systems is developed using Fuego Frameworks as are all Fuego business applications.

Continued innovation of the Fuego software platform is the cornerstone of Fuego’s competitive advantage.

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