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Fuego has established itself as a market leader for providing web solutions in Qatar. From design to multi browser compatibility, Fuego approaches each client’s requirements individually and provides a comprehensive service from design to content writing, translation to training.

Such client centric focus has enabled Fuego to become a reliable web partner for a multitude of clients in Qatar, ranging from banking to education, and social services to healthcare. In 2010, Fuego was proudly appointed Qatar Foundation’s strategic web partner to help drive their global online initiatives.

Fuego’s competitive advantage is derived from its proprietary software platform comprising the Fuego Frameworks System and Fuego Content Management System. The Fuego Frameworks System is a tool through which a range of reusable software components can be assembled using templates and rules.

Highlights of Fuego’s Framework and Content Management System include:

  • Powerful industry leading website editing through simple, intuitive and user friendly interfaces
  • Multilanguage support (English and Arabic)
  • Modular (e-Commerce, Job Postings, News and Events)
  • Management of your brand and visual identity using editable templates
  • Newsletter generation ability
  • Outstanding search engine results from our inbuilt search optimization functionality
  • Custom workflow and approval processes to fit your information management needs
  • Ongoing support, upgrades and site hosting

Web Accessibility Standards

Fuego has been creating standards-compliant web solutions for many years in North America and brings those skills to the region and to Arabic content. Canada and the USA have had standards in this area for many years and Fuego has consistently delivered conforming web solutions.

ictQATAR recently recognized the pivotal role that web accessibility has in the development and sustainability of an accessible ICT ecosystem. As a result, ictQATAR now requires that public sector websites providing online services and information for the public meet international standards for web accessibility. These standards include those that may apply in the future for delivering web content to mobile devices.

Defined by the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), web accessibility allows persons with disabilities to make use of the web using assistive technologies. For example, implementing the internationally recognized WAI guidelines helps the visually impaired browse websites through the use of descriptive text and screen reader technology.

Fuego QSTP fully respects the e-Accessability Policy introduced by ictQATAR in 2011, and is fully committed to ensuring compliance with all current web accessibility standards for the web and mobile web.

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